As the internet continues to become increasingly more accessible in the Sultanate and as organizations become increasingly more digital, so does their cyber-risk profile grow. As a result, there is a growing need for advanced Cyber Security to ensure success. This is where we, the National Security Services Group (NSSG) come in. An Omani company, established in 2016, our team comprises entirely of highly qualified staff with various sets of expertise.

However, our collective expertise is not limited to just the cyber-security realm either; having delved into more complex arenas such as Electronic warfare, Information Analysis, Telecommunications, Data Centres. It is this diversified range of skills that allow us to provide our clients with a unique range of services that have been tailor-made to our clients exacting requirements.


As the country moves forward towards achieving its own grand vision of 2040, our vision in parallel strives to ensure this journey remains safe and secure; fortifying the Nation through security, awareness, and innovation towards a resilient digital future for Oman.


Our mission is to offer proprietorship and market leading products and services that are best to consolidate the integral needs of organizations across the Sultanate; providing them with robust cyber-security solutions through our disruptive services.


In line with the vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the Sultanate is well on its way towards a digital future. Our goal is to be the nations trusted partner in this journey; fostering its growth and ensuring it remains digitally-resilient.

To this end we have set a series of objectives that will govern our path ahead:

  • Assist all organizations in effectively identifying and understanding their cyber risks
  • Develop a cultural environment that mitigates threats and weaknesses
  • Build their organizations to become self-sufficient and well aware of cyber threats
  • Empower institutions with high-end cyber security, providing them with complete control over the safety and security of their proprietary data
  • Empower organizations with total peace-of-mind when utilising technology and innovation to grow, without having to worry about their data being lost or compromised
  • Pave the way for the country into the digital age and build it into a Nation that is seen by all through the Internet